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Vol. 13, Issue 7, The Morning After

Volume 13, Issue 7

October 12, 2019

Welcome to The Morning After

We’re back people, and we’ve got recaps on recaps on recaps!
On top of all that, it’s Master Baker Week. And all I want to do is take a giant bite out of an apple Chairm

Game Recaps

See what your captains have to say on how your game went. Was their perception of reality…real?

Standings, Standings, Standings

How’s Your Team Doing on the Fields and more importantly, the Bar?

Get to Know a Kickballer

Who are all these sweaty wonderful people?

Game Recaps

Oh it’s Been a Season!

by ChrisB

The HoboLauers, we have been having a season of ups and downs. When we show up, we have won, when we don’t we don’t do the winning thing.

We’ve had weddings, injuries (got a case of the olds), mystery aches, and the ability to only give 25% – 35%.

We give 35% 100% of the time, which is pretty good I must say.

Shouts to baby Emery, shouts to not baby Avery and shouts to Kellie who is more hurt than all of us and still playing much better than us all.

At the bar, we are playing ok, nary a Survivor win, but some team flip cup glory, and this will continue, that is until we have to attend blimp flying school. Are you aware of how hard that is to get into?!

See you on the fields and at the bar this Sunday, it’s going to be a scene man!

Week by week by week

by Brandon and friends

The Bologna Ponies! An interesting name, no doubt. It is actually a reference to a Tony Hennessy original song. It isn’t the greatest song in the world, but it has its moments. This team is a tribute to not the greatest song in the world.

What was supposed to be a somewhat cool day started with a quickly fading breeze and a little blood, sweat, and tears (minus the blood and tears). Set to play Bootienix or Phooty or whatever combination of Phoenix and Booty they agreed on, opening against a Booty-related team for the 80th consecutive season, approximately. We came to the field ready. Jake started things of with an immediate triple. It was hot and we only had 5 players. They scored some runs we scored some runs but we kept the score as respectable as we could against their full team.

Some highlights:
Jake’s first two at bats were triples. He also had a stellar over-the-head catch running to the outfield.
JJ had two awesome side catches (if she does say so herself). 
Ariel had a stellar kick that tripped up the opposing team’s pitcher *cough* Chip *cough* and she ended up scoring.
Although the whole team brought heart, newcomer Andrew kept it strong the entire length of the game. No fear of heat stroke that guy. He was cheerleader, he was coach, he was offense and he was defense, he even pitched a few innings and managed two strike-outs! Be careful HHKB, he might be ambidextrous.
Dustin was typical Dustin, bombing it to the outfield with ease and scoring several times. When asked for a quote about his game, he said “I caught a ball”.

On to Week 2. News spreads fast, as Bobby heard that we would be fielding a full team this weekend and elected to take a 10-0 loss via forfeit. The Commish cheered us up by informing us of a new rule: If the team you are playing forfeits, you get free beer at the bar. And free beer we had. Plus a bunch that we bought ourselves!

Dustin was in rare form, finishing 3rd in survivor flip cup, leading our team to 3rd place in team flip cup, recruiting his buddy to play with us this season, drinking all of the Yuengling at Barking Dog, and my spidey-sense says he called out of work on Monday. 

Week 3. Just like death and taxes, we are playing Phooty for the 2nd time in 3 weeks. And due to a week 2 no-show, they are the only team we have played a game against so far this season. 

Looking to even the season series, Ariel brought team spirit to the field to get the team going.

Dustin tried to be a hero on third making a run towards home. He did not make it. But, that did not stop our momentum. We were there to win and we would need aggressive plays like that.

For his first at bat, Jake’s tallied a home run. Points on the board.  He almost got another home run, but remembered what happened to Dustin and held up at 3rd.

Kaitlyn got into the mix herself, sending the ball flying over the outfielder’s heads and making it to 3rd with ease. It was a home run in my eyes, Kaitlyn.

Jake slid twice early on, the strong kicks not being impressive enough, and bloodying up his legs in the process. Not to be outdone, and somewhat of a glutton for punishment, Ryan decided to try a diving slide back to 1st where he confirmed that yes, the dirt was hard. 

Andrew toned it down just a little, keeping it at 108.5% this week.  Turns out, he also hates trees, nature, the whole deal. He showed this by kicking the ball into the tree multiple times, showing no mercy. He did, however, only get the ball stuck once.

Dustin had a great “I’m super tall” catch. Newcomer, and fellow giant, Josh had an opportunity to do the same, but it came up short. He just isn’t quite tall enough, yet. 

Despite Chip doing the Cupid Shuffle at second, JJ had a great catch at shortstop. We tied up the season series 1-1, helping to show that this team is a force to reckon with this season.

JJ caught the first ball kicked.

Ryan got a home run and claims it is his 3rd of the season and “way more than Brandon”
Josh owned an inning, getting all 3 outs. The rook is catching on quick.
Andrew had the deepest kick of the day with a great triple 
None of the slides led to bloody legs this week but some of the team was still suffering from last week’s slides.
Everyone got some decent exercise early and scored at least once.

When asked for comment on the game Sammy said, “I think it went well everyone did great-yes that hickory burger is ours-everyone did great catching the balls”

Your Weekly Flip Cup Rankings

TeamChampionships WonMatches WonSurvivor Games WonTotal Points
The Jurquouise27512
HoboLauer: Endgame1908
The Chuggernaught1403
The Phoenix is Bootyful0503
The Bologna Ponies0402
Living the Fun Life0200
You’re a Wizard, Bob0000

Season Long Survivor Rankings

1Ben F
The Jurquoise11
2Matt FThe Jurquoise9
3Suzanne MThe Jurquoise8
4Aryan BThe Chuggernaught6
4Lindsay B
The Jurquoise6
6Chris HThe Jurquoise5
6Chris B
HoboLauer Endgame5
6John A
The Chuggernaught4
6Sarah AThe Chuggernaught4
6Dustin G
The Bologna Ponies4
11Marty SThe Chuggernaught3
11Kaitlyn B
The Bologna Ponies3
11Chris CLiving the Fun Life3
14Mark P
The Jurquoise2
15Jonathan G
The Jurquoise1
15Ashley H
The Jurquoise1

Get to Know a Kickballer!

This week we talk to our good friend and yours, Jonathan G, aka Samsonite to some of you
We’re going to get the bottom of him with the following questions.
Thanks for playing with us and Happy Birthday!
1) Why do you play kickball with us in HHKB?
The Friendships (even though I bitch and yell on the field)

2) Who is your kickball hero?
Corey S, because apparently he would always have done it better than me.

3) Describe yourself in one word, go!

4) What’s the worst drink you’ve ever had?
Unknown premixed margarita mixed with tequila.

5) What bar game do you excel at?
Quarters (or You Got Served!)

Your Weekly Kickball Standings

TeamWinsLossesTiesRuns ScoredRuns Allowed
The Bologna Ponies3104119
HoboLauer: Endgame320     2731
The Jurquouise3203921
The Phoenix is Bootyful2202422
You’re a Wizard, Bob2201122
The Chuggernaught2303741
Living the Fun Life1403154

Your Weekly Barking Dog Power Rankings

Rank (LW)TeamComment
1 (5)HoboLauer Endgame 2Finally, a full team!
2 (3)The CuggernaughtHow do you spell “Party”? M-A-R-T-Y!
3 (2)Living the Fun LifeWelcome to the islands people!
4 (4)The Bologna PoniesStill good and we can’t wait for Brandon to get back.
5 (6)The Phoenix is BootyfulAnother good showing on the tables to be sure!
6 (1)The JurquioseLacking in comparison to what they normally do.
7 (7)You’re a Wizard, BobBOBBY!!!!! AGAIN!