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Vol. 13, Issue 1, The Morning After

Volume 13, Issue 1

June 12, 2019

Welcome to The NEW Morning After

With this issue, we will be moving to an online newsletter that will fall directly into your hands every week!
We’ve got game recaps and all the standings you can handle. As the season progresses, we’ll add more features based on your feedback!

Game Recaps

See what your captains have to say on how your game went. Was their perception of reality…real?

Standings, Standings, Standings

How’s Your Team Doing on the Fields and more importantly, the Bar?

Get to Know a Kickballer

Who are all these sweaty wonderful people?

Game Recaps

Where have all the Boards gone?

by Chiller

The boards. Where’s the boards man? They really tied the room together. Did you know there was a big Lebowski sequel/prequel in the works with Jesus. Thank you reddit for the heads up. John  turturro was also in transformers. Which I rewatched instead of the bachelor the other night. Classic. More than meets the eye. Our team name is inspired by another classic movie as well making all this pretty relevant.

A Merger of Epic Proportions

by Chip

For this summer season the Fun Bunch and HOT Booty have combined teams creating what some have argued is a Super Power. With All-Stars at almost every spot on the field this team on paper appears to be invincible. However, as you all know, they don’t play the games on paper.

The schedule makers did FBB no favors when they scheduled their first game against their arch rival Taking the BAT. This gave them no time to gel and at least get one game together under their belt. The unfamiliarity was quickly apparent as FBB gave up an unearned run in the first inning. This game quickly turned into a defense battle despite all the offensive fire power. Innings 2-4 saw quick outs and no run scored. It was in the top of the 5th that FBB pulled ahead with a series of perfectly placed kicks and timely singles. Taking the BAT, every othe competitor, battled back to score one run in the bottom of the 6th inning, but it was not enough as FBB took the first encounter 3-2.

At the bar, FBB steam rolled Taking the BAT at Flip Cup only to fall in the second round. Cunningham was our best hope to win Survivor, but he was not quite up to the task. Playmaker led his new team to “the other side” on a bar hopping trip that ended at Harp & Fiddle for some late night karaoke.

We won the Bar

by ChrisB

At the fields my friends, we were lacking Tone. Tone is apparently something that we need an abundance of, and well frankly we were lacking…except for Danny Handbook, who had plenty. BUT we did not make any errors my friends, we were merely beat by the nature of good cooking and stupid fast base running. This is all irrelevant however as we dominated the Barking Dog, in a way. We won flip cup and took third in Survivor. All in all a powerful display of kickballery and flip cupery. You’re all on notice, for the tone is coming…oh yes, it’s coming.

Your Weekly Flip Cup Rankings

TeamChampionships WonMatches WonSurvivor Games WonTotal Points
Summer Better Than Others Team
Back to the Juicer0201
HoboLauer: EndGame0011
Taking the b.a.t. outta basement
A Bob Has No Name0000
Hannah and the Barbarians0000

Your Weekly Kickball Standings

TeamGames WonGames LostGames TiedRun Differential
Back to the Juicer100+10
Hannah and the Barbarians100+10
HoboLauer: EndGame100+7
Taking the b.a.t. outta basement
Summer Better Than Others Team
A Bob Has No Name010-10