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Vol. 13, Issue 2, The Morning After

Volume 13, Issue 2

June 12, 2019

Welcome to The Morning After

Week 1 and 2 are now in the books, and it’s time to check on how things went!
Flip Cup standings are close and the games have been top notch!
Get ready for news on Fall Kickball and Summer Softball!

Game Recaps

See what your captains have to say on how your game went. Was their perception of reality…real?

Standings, Standings, Standings

How’s Your Team Doing on the Fields and more importantly, the Bar?

Get to Know a Kickballer

Who are all these sweaty wonderful people?

Game Recaps

Kitty, kitty, kitty….

by Chiller

Clearly I have no idea but look how thirsty those cats are!
Just like us, thirsty for a third straight shutout victory. 

Win and a Tie

by Chip

With a win in the first week of play against their arch rival, Fun Booty took a stranglehold over the race to the Summer Kickball Title.

The second week saw Fun BOOTY matched up against their other main rival Fun Bobbys! This was a tightly contested game throughout with multiple lead changes. However, in the end, Fun BOOTY prevailed with three runs in the bottom of the 5th inning led by big kicks from Kelsey, Porter and Bswim. 

Wait did I just say Bswim? There was NO Bswim anywhere to be found. He was MIA. He evidently was too tired from working [yes working] and took a nap never to wake up again till the following day. Fortunately, Fun BOOTY was able to slip by with a slim win 4-3.

Starting off the season with wins over your two rivals sends a message to the league that Fun BOOTY was here to take the Summer Title. And with 6 consecutive summer finals appearances, it would only be a matter of time for another Championship. Only a win over Albers team was in the way of a 3-0 start. Why was that important? With head to head wins over your two rivals that really gives you a 2 game lead and a close to near lock on the #1 seed and a bye in the first round. Less games, more rest, easier title. 

However, when your best player is sleeping, games tend to get a little tight, especially when you are playing a veteran Albers team. Why is it always a close game between us and them? Because they play with true grit and heart and never give up! Albers team rallied in the bottom of the last inning on a perfectly placed fly ball to the outfield, where were you Bswim? Oh yeah… sleeping. And clawed their way to a tie. Nobody likes a tie. Ties suck. And a win would have been much better and kept us in first place. I blame BSwim.

Holy Sh*t we Tied.

by ChrisB

Oh the Tone was strong my friends, the strongest it’s been. Without a completely crazy sh*tty inning, we continue to play solid, but this week, this week was different. Down a run in the bottom of the 6th, we got it done. Marty got on, Chris moved him over thanks to magic (not actual skill) and then Bhavvvv did what Bhavvvv does, knocked that run in like a champ. A tie was achieved and joy was sent everywhere around Meadowbrook like the measles from an unvaccinated kid. At the bar, we didn’t win team FC but we did get third and we took Survivor. So a strong showing my babies! There was flong, there was Pong and there was landing strip (the Bs need some work). This week we take it to the next level and sh*t’s getting weirder. LOVE THAT TONE PEOPLE!

Your Weekly Flip Cup Rankings

TeamChampionships WonMatches WonSurvivor Games WonTotal Points
Summer Better Than Others Team
HoboLauer: EndGame1314
A Bob Has No Name0202
Back to the Juicer0301
Taking the b.a.t. outta basement
Hannah and the Barbarians0000

Season Long Survivor Rankings

1Chris BSummers Better Than Other Team8
2Suzanne MBack to the Juicer7
3Chris HBack to the Juicer5
3Matt YHoboLauer: Endgame5
5Rob CHoboLauer: Endgame2
5Matt FBack to the Juicer2
7Aryan BSummers Better Than Other Team1

Your Weekly Kickball Standings

TeamGames WonGames LostGames TiedRun Differential
Back to the Juicer200+20
Taking the b.a.t. outta basement
HoboLauer: EndGame110+4
Hannah and the Barbarians1100
Summer Better Than Others Team
A Bob Has No Name020-11