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Vol. 13, Issue 3, The Morning After

Volume 13, Issue 3

June 26, 2019

Welcome to The Morning After

Week 3 has come and gone and the weather has been cooperating, I’m shocked really!
You’re all showing out at the fields and the Barking Dog really well, so keep it up!
Get ready for news on Fall Kickball and Summer Softball!

Game Recaps

See what your captains have to say on how your game went. Was their perception of reality…real?

Standings, Standings, Standings

How’s Your Team Doing on the Fields and more importantly, the Bar?

Get to Know a Kickballer

Who are all these sweaty wonderful people?

Game Recaps

Time to Get up and Go!

by Chiller

The WAKE UP JUICE Cocktail


2 Oz. Chile Pepper Vodka

1 Tsp. Green Olive Juice

2 Drops Tabasco Sauce

Pinch of Cayenne Pepper


TOOLS: Cocktail  (Martini) Glass, Cocktail Shaker 

GARNISH: Cocktail Onion, Green Olive, Mustard Seeds 


Chill the glass.

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.

Add the chile pepper vodka, green olive juice, Tabasco and the pinch of cayenne then shake until well chilled.

Strain into the chilled glass and garnish with a cocktail onion, a green olive and a few mustard seeds and serve.

Well I think I may have Messed Up!

by ChrisB

Listen, anyone who tells you that kickball does not need TOTAL CONCENTRATION is full of it ‘Cause it most certainly does. I got a little distracted and the first inning went to hell. We gave up a lot of runs, 9 of em. BUT and here’s the important part, from inning 3 on we won 6 – 3 so you know, small victories. Our Tone was not what it could be and should have been. That’s my bad. 
Also, Aryan and Albers collided, and got matching bruises. Isn’t that nice? The things we do as friends…

He’s Back!

by Tony H

Well, the new team lucked out last week and forfeited, so they only lost 10-0.  I was hoping to put a 20 spot on them.  So, there won’t be much to this recap.  Now, I won’t bore you with how many championship games we’ve been to.  On my team, that’s a low standard.   I’ll only brag about championships we won and being the most recent champion.  Actually, the last two champion teams are facing off in our 2nd game today.  It should be a good match.  Stay cool out there folks.

Your Weekly Flip Cup Rankings

TeamChampionships WonMatches WonSurvivor Games WonTotal Points
HoboLauer: EndGame1527
Summer Better Than Others Team
Back to the Juicer1604
A Bob Has No Name0403
Taking the b.a.t. outta basement
Hannah and the Barbarians0000

Season Long Survivor Rankings

1Matt YHoboLauer: Endgame10
2Chris BSummers Better Than Other8
3Suzanne MBack to the Juicer7
4Chris HBack to the Juicer5
5Lindsay BBack to the Juicer4
5Rob CHoboLauer: Endgame4
7Ben FBack to the Juicer3
8Matt FBack to the Juicer2
9Jonathan GBack to the Juicer1
9Aryan BSummers Better Than Other1

Your Weekly Kickball Standings

TeamGames WonGames LostGames TiedRun Differential
Back to the Juicer300+27
Taking the b.a.t. outta basement
HoboLauer: EndGame210+6
Hannah and the Barbarians120-10
Summer Better Than Others Team
A Bob Has No Name031-13