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Vol. 13, Issue 5, The Morning After

Volume 13, Issue 5

July 10, 2019

Welcome to The Morning After

Week 5 is in the books and what a freedom filled night, there was red white and blue as far as the eye could see. Tonight, well tonight you’re going to bring as you usually do, but in a hotter and sweatier way. Good lord the sun! Consider this a playoff day preview!

Game Recaps

See what your captains have to say on how your game went. Was their perception of reality…real?

Standings, Standings, Standings

How’s Your Team Doing on the Fields and more importantly, the Bar?

Get to Know a Kickballer

Who are all these sweaty wonderful people?

Game Recaps


by Chiller

Things got out of hand quickly.

by ChrisB

How do you spell “WIN”? Well we spell it “F-O-R-F-E-I-T!”  And a win is a win is a win people, SO LAY OFF! And we needed the break to heal up from some of the falls, slips and toils we’ve endured so far. The ACHES, my GOD THE ACHES! Anyway, at the Bar we took care of business! We won Team Flip Cup which allowed us to vault all the way up into a closer spot in the standings than we expected. In Survivor, Chris and Aryan made it to the top 5 but nowhere else. Was the highlight of the night watching Aryan out chug Albers? YES! Did anyone expect it? NO! 

Double Dipping is Fun!

by Tony H

Do you feel it?  Order has been restored.  The best team (my team) is now in first place.  How did we do it?  Defense, home runs, timely kicking, and pitching.  Wow, this team is really good.  Sorry if you have to play us.

Your Weekly Flip Cup Rankings

TeamChampionships WonMatches WonSurvivor Games WonTotal Points
Back to the Juicer29110
Summer Better Than Others Team2919
HoboLauer: EndGame1729
A Bob Has No Name0615
Taking the b.a.t. outta basement
Hannah and the Barbarians0000

Season Long Survivor Rankings

1Matt YHoboLauer: Endgame10
1Chris HBack to the Juicer10
1Chris BSummers Better Than Other10
4Tim TA Bob Has No Name9
5Suzanne MBack to the Juicer7
6Rob CHoboLauer: Endgame5
7Aryan BSummers Better Than Other4
7Lindsay BBack to the Juicer4
10Mark SA Bob Has No Name3
10Ben FBack to the Juicer3
10Matt FBack to the Juicer3
12Jonathan GBack to the Juicer1

Your Weekly Kickball Standings

TeamGames WonGames LostGames TiedRun Differential
Taking the b.a.t. outta basement
Back to the Juicer311+18
HoboLauer: EndGame240-16
A Bob Has No Name141-22
Summer Better Than Others Team
Hannah and the Barbarians140-10